Len’s woman problem

Tomorrow, at 5pm British time, Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States. He has got there despite the well-documented and extensive stories of his record of sexual assault and harassment.

It isn’t difficult to believe he’ll import this culture into the very heart of the US government – especially as he keeps reminding us of his wide ranging legal privileges as President.

No one is accusing Len McCluskey of sexual harassment or of sexual assault. But he certainly has presided over a culture inside Unite that is actively hostile to its women staff and where “almost 40% of women [who worked for Unite] felt frightened at work”.

We know this because it has all been revealed in an internal report that was today leaked by Ian Allinson, the left candidate for General Secretary of Unite.

There are good reasons why this report was not previously in the public domain, but there are no good reasons to pretend, as a bunch of Len’s supporters have in their response to the leak that everything is being addressed and that there is nothing to see here.

And there is absolutely no reason to believe, as Len plainly does, that the real story here is not the content of its report but the manner in which it reached the public domain.

One thing is plain from the response – issued within an hour of Ian Allinson publishing the report – and that is that Len’s team knew this was coming and prepared their response with much greater thoroughness than they did their response to the reports contents.

Nothing is going to be allowed to stand in the way of Len winning his third term as far as those people are concerned.